Few Important Aspects to Consider when Hiring Mobile App Developers

An invention of smartphones has revolutionized the world. Mobile applications help people to stay connected and carry out tasks even when they are on the go. Whether it is booking movie tickets or checking weather alerts, users can conduct multiple tasks at fingertips. Online is the best place to know about any product or service. Having an online presence in the form of website alone is not enough. To keep up with the pace in this fast growing age of technology, it is necessary to have a mobile application.

Both businesses, as well as customers, can benefit from the mobile app. Businesses get increased visibility, exposure, and accessibility. On the other hand, customers get real-time notifications about any newly launched product or service and easy access to all the information.

Now that the importance of having a mobile app is clear, the next step is to choose the right developer for building the same. The market is flooded with several mobile app development companies; however, not all have the same level of expertise and experience in this field.


Let’s take a look at several aspects to consider when hiring a mobile app developer.

Experience in the field of developing mobile apps:

You would surely not want to risk your project in the hands of newbies. An experienced person has know-how of the market trends and develops the app accordingly. In addition to that, experience and expertise go hand in hand. For this reason, it is wise to approach an experienced and reputed developer having a good record of past clients. Ask for the work portfolio of developer and have a look at the previous work. Get in touch with previous clients to get details of projects undertaken and check whether their experience with the developer was satisfying or not.

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Working for all platforms:

When you are planning to come up with a mobile app for your business, make sure it runs on all platforms. Some customers prefer Android OS while others may use either Windows or iOS. Your developer should be capable enough of building an app for all platforms to cover the entire range of audience.

Innovative inputs from developer side

With the mobile app store flooded with thousands of applications, how can your app grab the attention of customers? Ask this question to developer who will then give creative inputs and new ideas to make your app stand out from the rest.

Designing phase

Does your developer have resources to take care of the designing part? The design and user interface of the app is as important as the coding. Easy navigation and attractive design never fails to impress the customer.

Proper planning and clear communication

When you discuss your requirements with the developer, ask him to make a map of how will the project proceed and how will you be updated about the same. Do clarify the mode of communication to contact your developer. Some prefer communicating only through email while others are forthcoming to get in touch via phone, chat or Skype.

The aspect of communication is important as your relation with the developer does not end once the app is developed. With the changing trends, an app needs regular updates and iterations. If you had a satisfying experience during the development phase, you could consider to approach the same developer for future alterations to the app.

Fees charged by the developer:

Mobile app development project is implemented in three stages: user interface design, development with coding and post-launch maintenance. The developer charges a fee depending on how many stages of development are to be covered. Few mobile app development companies have all in one package while others levy additional charges for  back end support.

On completing the development phase, mobile app developers send the app to the client for approval. At this stage, ask the developer whether he or she has tested the application for bugs. Running the app on mobile is the best way to carry out this task. In case of any bug or error, developer should be capable enough to fix it in short time. Keeping in mind these points will help you to choose the right mobile app developer.


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