Benefits of Travel App for Mobile Users and Tourism Industry

Name a task and there’s an app to do it! To check emails, play games, watch movies, listen to music, make hotel reservation or book a movie ticket, everything can be done with a single touch on mobile phones. To experience such convenience and flexibility in daily tasks has now become a habit for people.

Travel app

Mobile app development industry has left no area untouched. According to statistics, ‘travel’ is one among the most popular Android app categories in March 2016.


Here’s a list of things you can do with apps that fall under travel and tourism category:

  • Get flight, railway or bus tickets
  • Review tour packages offered by various travel agencies for your selected destination
  • Make hotel bookings
  • Book a car for your trip

And there’s much more to the list.

Be the rat of your own lab to get a better idea on why do people opt for travel apps. Suppose you are planning to go for a trip with your family this Christmas. Following is the set of questions that come to your mind while planning this trip:

  • Which place has a favorable climate during Christmas?
  • Is the place I selected a good destination for family trip?
  • Which are the famous spots there?
  • How many days are required to explore the place to the fullest?
  • Which hotels have comfortable rooms there?
  • What is the proximity of my hotel to the sightseeing places?
  • What are the car rental charges at that place for sightseeing?
  • Which tour and travel company has the best deal package for the said destination?
  • How can I get the best deal on flight tickets?

When your mind is filled with so many queries, mobile travel apps come in handy that provide answers to all your doubts. You can use these apps to get information on a popular travel place and even to make the bookings.

When you have such apps installed in your mobile phones, you save the time of browsing through the internet and spending hours on research. Furthermore, you do not need to contact any travel agent to do the bookings. Planning the trip in your own way has become very simple, thanks to these helpful travel apps.

How does tourism industry benefit from the app?

Above graph clearly shows the need for having a travel app for your company. These apps have become a marketing tool for tourism companies. Travel companies keep users updated on the latest deals and offers by sending notifications through the app. With so much dependency of users on apps, it is quite obvious to say that the companies that do not have an app might lag behind in the competition. Moreover, your company will have a negative impression when all others in the same industry have an existence in the App Store except you.

Travel mobile application development should be thought of as a powerful tool to optimize your business and increase ROI. It is seen that the travel companies that have a mobile app are able to reach out to travellers in a better way. An app that is rich in functionality and has good user interface is sure to attract a lot of users.

Contact a reputed and reliable app development firm to get your business app ready. Developers work on projects of mobile application development for travel industry. Specify your requirements for the app beforehand so that developers build the app on the same lines. Enjoy this new way of attracting customers by releasing a travel app in App Store soon!


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