Boost the Sales of your Business Using App as a Marketing Tool

Do you own a smartphone? If yes, how many apps have you installed in it? ‘Many’ is the answer. As all the work is done accomplished through apps, it is obvious to have all necessary ones installed in your phones. Technology has offered a lot of convenience from booking tickets, making reservations to shopping for electronics or clothing at the touch of fingertips.

App as a Marketing Tool

Why should businesses invest in mobile app?

Change is the rule of nature. Businesses have to adapt to changing trends and technology in order to survive the cut-throat competition in the market. Mobile application development services help businesses to create a powerful application that can boost their sales by attracting new customers.

Following graph clearly explains the need of developing a mobile app for your business, if you haven’t invested in it yet. In 2016, global mobile app revenue amounted to 50.9 billion U.S. dollars which is projected to rise to 101 billion U.S. dollars till 2020.

• Worldwide mobile app revenues 2020   Statistic


Mobile apps are advantageous to both users as well as businesses. Let’s understand how do these apps act as a helping tool for them?

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Increase your brand visibility

An app in the store builds a positive image of your brand in the minds of mobile users. They think of your company as a well-known name in the market and do not hesitate to use its services or products. In short, the ones that do not have an app are at a loss and bound to lose potential customers.

Build customer loyalty

Apps usually have rewarding benefits for repeating customers, which helps in building strong customer loyalty. For example, let’s consider shopping apps that offer a particular percentage off on the next billing. This encourages customers to hot the same app for their next shopping experience to avail that discount offer.

What’s more is that through apps, customers get real time notifications on every update such a new addition to the store, special discounts or festive sale. Clicking on these push notifications redirects customers to the app for seamless shopping experience. Thus, it can be said that apps help to strengthen customer loyalty.

Acts as a marketing tool

Business apps are direct marketing channels that help them to reach out to target audience easily. Marketing specialists know why is it necessary to define target audience before commencing app development process? Contacting audience to make them aware of your presence is always the most challenging task for marketing people. Apps are the most effective medium to reach out to people.

Talking from customer’s point of view, they get easy access to information, products or services at their fingertips. Further, you can browse through apps anytime as they function 24*7. This flexibility and convenience offered to customers means a lot in today’s fast paced world.

All in all, it is a win-win situation if businesses invest in Android application development services. There is high demand for apps that run on all platforms, namely iOS, Android and Windows. iOS app development companies have come up with some unbelievable applications with world class features. The pattern of app usage by customers is constantly increasing, owing to innumerable benefits they get to avail.


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