Need of Having Mobile Apps in Hotel Industry

Smartphone users know the importance of apps in their day-to-day lives. There are mobile apps for everything from shopping clothes or accessories online, watching movies, playing games, listening music to booking movie tickets. Connecting to people and availing services of any company has become easy with the introduction of apps.

Why should hotels invest in developing an app

What’s the need of an app when there is mobile website?

Though there are responsive mobile websites too, when given a choice, people give first preference to apps over website. There are two major reasons for this choice. Firstly, apps are easily accessible and secondly, apps perform faster than the website. One such sector where development of applications has proved to be a blessing is the hotel industry.

In hospitality industry, primary focus is to give the best service to guests. The success of hotel industry that falls under this category depends upon reviews of guests and their experience during the stay. Hotel mobile application development is advancing to enhance guest experience right from pre-booking to the final check out.

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Hotel applications outweigh websites for the fact that they make use of mobile features to offer world-class experience to the guest. For example, apps use ‘geo location’ feature of mobile to know the exact location of the guest inside the hotel. This is obviously done after the guest approval. When the guest agrees to share his or her location, hotel staff can find out exactly in which part of the hotel guest is located.  

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When the guest places an order for a fruit juice, the staff person knows where to get it delivered. Irrespective of whether the guest is at poolside or inside the gaming zone, he or she can be assured to get a glass of fruit juice at the present location. This way, the guest can enjoy a personalized service with a single touch on mobile phone.

Which features should hotel apps incorporate?

Talented and certified developers work on mobile application development for hotel industry keeping in mind following needs of the user:

  • Check availability for rooms
  • Book a room
  • Confirm or cancel reservation
  • Check in and check out
  • Room service (cleaning the room, ordering food, requesting for extra blanket and other enquiries)
  • Special discount offers for loyal guests

In short, hotel apps are expected to be built in such a way that there is minimal or no interaction required with the front desk.

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How does this app benefit the hoteliers?

Many leading hotel chains have an app in store to attract their guests. It can be said that hotels with mobile apps are winning over guests, owing to comfortable and luxury experience that it provides. Android app development for hotel industry is benefiting hoteliers by providing better guest satisfaction, saving cost on labor thereby reducing operating cost and offering powerful search options to travelers.

  • Having a mobile app can give your hotel a competitive advantage in the market. As mentioned earlier, people prefer using apps for reservations and check in-check outs. People are more likely to choose hotels that have an app over the ones that can be accessed only through websites.
  • It is easy for the marketing team of hotels to reach out to more guests and business travelers.
  • App is a powerful tool to create brand awareness among people.
  • Apps allow hoteliers to communicate with their target audience before, during and after the stay in a hassle free manner.
  • With push notifications from hotel apps, travelers can be kept updated on the latest deals and special discounts for loyal guests.

Do not overthink on whether to develop a mobile app for my hotel or not. It’s a complete win-win situation when you have a user-friendly app for your hotel chain!


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