Top 12 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Mobile App

Big brand names already have an app in the store that speaks about their business. Do these apps benefit only large scale businesses? Should small and mid-sized businesses think on developing a mobile app? These are some of the common questions that come to entrepreneur’s mind. Small business mobile app development services are at your bay to help you out in this state of confusion.

The thought that mobile apps are advantageous to only big companies is completely wrong. With proper planning and resources, small and mid-sized businesses can make use of mobile apps to spread a word and increase brand awareness. Following graph shows that out of total time spent by users on mobile, maximum percentage (86%) is utilized in browsing through apps.

Study  Americans spend 162 minutes on their mobile device per day  mostly with apps   GeekWire

Read on to know why entrepreneurs should invest in mobile application development services:

Easy accessibility

Key to any successful business is its happy and loyal customers. This makes it essential to give first priority to customer’s convenience. Through app, customers can make use of your services or order products with few clicks on their mobile screen. It is extremely simple for them to reach out to you through mobile app.

Wider reachability

As shown in the graph, number of mobile users far exceeds desktop users.

Chart  Mobile Is Taking Over Digital Media Usage   Statista

Image courtesy:

Thus, mobile app ensures wider reachability than a website. Further, people carry mobile phones in their pockets wherever they go. Same may not be the case for laptops. This is quite a big reason for companies to have a mobile app for their business to widen their reachability.

24*7 availability

Apps can be accessed anytime and anywhere. There are no time restrictions for using an app. This 24*7 availability allows customers to use company’s services or products at their convenient time.

Increase brand awareness

Mobile users frequently browse through apps in the app store to come across some innovative and interesting ones. During this search, they also come across your business app. Human brain unconsciously capture every image in front of them. This image may be your business app icon. If it interests them, they go ahead to download and use it.

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Moreover, some apps such as fast food centers feature check-in option and allow sharing it on social media, which further spreads a word about your business. This way, having a mobile app increases brand awareness among mobile users.

Provide information about products or services

Through apps, users can self-educate themselves on services and products of the company. Data mentioned on the app is accurate and to-the-point. For example, ecommerce shopping app will have details of all the items on offering such as material type, size and warranty for customer’s reference.

The best platform to display company’s products and services

Apps serve as the best platform where company can display its entire product range and services at one place. With descriptive images and informative text, company can convey a lot about its services and products to app users. This way, customers can know about the company’s offering and select the service as per his or her requirements.

Make your customers feel valued

Several customers keep membership cards of leading brand shops through which they collect points on each purchase and earn rewards. This process of collecting loyalty points can be turned digital with the introduction of app. You can make your customers feel special and valued by showering reward points on each purchase through the app. The result is more app downloads and increased number of customers.

Get your business recognized

Mobile app is like a blank space with your company’s name. You can develop it as per your business requirement and preferences. This app marks for an impression on user’s mind for your company. This is the reason why entrepreneurs should invest in business mobile apps development services. This ensures delivery of efficient app that is up-to-date with the latest features and technology.

Once the user downloads your business app, he/she is bound to come across it many times while scrolling up and down through the screen for some or the other reason. According to human psychology, hearing or seeing a brand (or brand icon) 20 times or more is sure to mark a lasting impression in the minds. Thus your business will definitely get recognized through the app.

Keep customers informed on the latest updates

Apps allow sending push notifications to customers for conveying messages. For example, ecommerce shopping app sends notifications to users on new addition to the stock and seasonal wears. Thus company can easily keep its customers informed on important updates.

Improve customer engagement

Did you know that your customers prefer to communicate via text or chat over phone call? Taking this aspect into consideration, develop an app that includes communication via text messages. For example, given an option of booking a restaurant table over phone call or two to three clicks through an app, customer would surely choose app option. Implementing customer’s preferred way of communication helps in engaging them in better way.

Stay ahead in the race

While other small businesses competing with you are still thinking over whether to develop a mobile app or not, you could run ahead in the race by launching one in the market before your competitors. First app of its kind always gets more recognition among people.

Loyal customer base

If the first experience of customer with the app is good, they will surely come back to enjoy more pleasant experiences. Even the special discounts offered by you to repetitive customers compel them use the same app again for future works.

Are you convinced to invest in app for your brand? So now the next step is to find out the best app development agency that understands your business requirements and employs best developers to work on your project. Start your search process today to stay a step ahead in the race!



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