Implementation of Mobility Technology in IT Sectors

Year 2016 has seen some major technological advancement that has revolutionized the world, mobile solution is one of them. About 61% of C-level executives from 70 countries expect mobile solutions to be particularly important in the next 3-5 years.

Chart These Technologies Will Shape the Near Future Statista

This pocket sized gadget has become an integral part of people’s lives. Owning a mobile phone is no more considered a status symbol or luxury sign, in fact it is a necessity. How would you feel if you have to spend a day without mobile phone? The answer is simple, ‘paralyzed’.

What makes this gadget the lifeline of today’s age is its highly advanced features and support for millions of apps. All sorts of tasks can be undertaken through mobile apps. Mobile application development industry is growing at unprecedented rate by building apps for all businesses alike.

Along with apps for entertainment, business and enterprise-related apps have also been a hit in the market. There are challenges in the way of adoption to new technology. But with proper enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions, businesses are able to deal with challenges sportingly.

Some of the challenges faced by IT companies are as follows:

  • Maintaining integrity of data
  • Security from web based threats
  • Integrate the existing working pattern with new one by proper co-ordination
  • Need of skilled staff to adapt to new technology

EMM is aimed to overcome these challenges faced by IT companies by providing data security solution, secured web browsing and BYOD container. These solutions are being increasingly adopted by enterprises considering the profitability it brings to the business. According to a statista forecast, till 2019 the enterprise mobility management market is predicted to generate revenue of 2.9 billion dollars.

Enterprises are now adapting to this new change in the work pattern after learning about its long-term benefits. Some of the advantages of enterprise mobile solutions are discussed below:

Flexible way of working

Employees have an advantage of working and sharing data through apps, irrespective of whether they are at office, at home or on vacation. With data integrity made possible through enterprise mobility solution, employees can now enjoy the new flexible way of working.

Employees’ performance percentage

When given flexibility to work anytime and anywhere, employees show a sharp increasing curve in their performance graph. They can work with sound mind and at their convenience without any hassle of coordination. This boosts the performance percentage of employees.

Job satisfaction

When the hard work of employees shows up in performance graph, they feel motivated to keep up the good work. Allowing employees to work at their convenience with full flexibility gives a sense of job satisfaction in their minds. This job satisfaction makes them feel connected to your company. They look forward to long term commitment with your company.

Increased sales and revenue

Business sales and revenue are bound to increase with employees giving their 100% dedication in work. Employees are the biggest asset of company. Their good performance directly reflects in business revenue chart.

Beat the competition

Don’t wait for your competitors to start using this technology. Be the first one to adapt to this change and start getting its rewards before anyone else.  When client learns about mobility working pattern, you get a higher edge over competitors. This way, you can attract more clients and increase business.

Investment in mobility solutions is rising sharply. This has come as a revolution in the working method of enterprises. No matter whether you are running a small business or large one, mobility solution is sure to benefit you. So stop being sceptical about the results of mobility enterprise solutions after learning about its possible advantages. If this is not convincing enough, read how does Enterprise Mobile Solution Benefit Businesses? article.

In short, it can be wisely said that rise of mobility in IT sector should not be ignored. Implementing this new technology in your business at the earliest is the best way out.


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