Top 4 Reasons to Start Using Insurance Apps

Can you think of spending a day without smartphone? No, not at all. Why is the answer so prompt and obvious? Give it a thought. The reason is we are so used to that convenience of everything being available at fingertips that now it’s not possible to live without such flexibility. We have become addicted to using smartphones.

What makes these devices so important for us? The built-in features and applications supported by phone attract us the most. There is great demand for mobile app development as it has become a necessity for every business to have an app for easy access by its customers. One such industry that has been positively impacted by the introduction of mobile apps is insurance.

People use insurance apps for ‘n number of reasons’, some of which are shown in the graph below. The graph clears the idea that people like to carry out insurance-related operations on their own, when it is possible to do so conveniently without any hassle.

Reasons for using mobile device to contact insurers 2014   StatisticLet’s take a look at the list of benefits that customer, as well as insurance agents, avail through mobile app:

Buy or renew the policy

No need to come home early for a meeting with insurance agent. When it is possible to get the details of all policies through app, why would you need a middleman to explain the same during policy buying process? You can go through an array of policies offered by the insurer during your free time and make a wise call. These apps also let you compare the policies to get an exact idea of which one will suit your requirements and give good returns in future.

Easy claiming process

Take an example of car insurance. In case of accident, user can click pictures of the car and send it to the insurance company through the app. You can also record your voice explaining the accident scene and send the audio to insurer. This paces up the claim process, at least from your end. If you keep the car in garage and wait for insurance inspector to come and collect all the details, you are doing nothing but wasting a day!

Similarly, for medical insurance, upload the pictures of hospital bills and send it to insurer across app. Calling agent in such emergency times and coordinating with him is more time consuming. Instead, do it yourself with just few taps on the screen of mobile phones.

Timely reminders in form of notifications

It is difficult to remember premium dates and this is well understood by insurance companies. For this reason, insurance apps development experts have added a feature that sends you notification on your next premium payment so that you do not miss out any and avail maximum benefit from your investment.

Flexible agent’s training

Educate agents on new policies, revised rules and regulations with the help of information uploaded on the app. Insurance companies do not need to conduct a meeting and arrange for a trainer to give a lecture to agents on amendments and additions. All this information can be conveyed to registered agents through app in form of videos.

Summing up, it can be said that insurance apps development is a blessing for insurance companies, customers as well as agents. All companies are in the process of enhancing user experience trough app to stay ahead of their competitors.


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